Workshops at Willow Park 

Here at Willow Park our wide variety of workshops promote learning through enjoyment. They provide a basis for communication for those with sensory impairments and can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs. All workshops encourage creativity , self expression and open up a new world to the individual which they may never have encountered before in everyday life. 

 Art, Crafts & Pottery 

Express creativity by exploring various craft skills, using sensory and tactile materials, 
creating a real piece of art, that Picasso would be proud of! 
Working with clay has proven to hold potential for further learning and discovery, whilst also encouraging concentration and skill. Service users can see their creation come to life: moulding, firing and finally painting. This workshop defines ‘reward’ as the service user can take their creation home to show everyone 
their talent. 
Workshops 10am-4pm only £60 
Transport £5 return from Clacton 
£10 return from Colchester 

 Performing Arts 

Music, movement and drama are wonderful 
forms of non-verbal expression. This workshop encourages physical movement, co-ordination and the development of self-expression. 
The performing arts department create fantastic shows every year which family and friends are invited to come along and watch. The buzz and excitement is clear for all to see and really does confirm that the service users 
are the heart and soul of Willow Park. 

 Healthy Living & Cookery 

Healthy eating is a fundamental 
part of everyone’s lives and in this workshop it’s no different. Our aim is to raise awareness of why healthy eating is essential to everyday lives, but also highlight how fun and exciting it can be! Creating healthy, cost effective meals is key. Service users prepare, cook and present their food whilst learning food hygiene and safety skills along the way. Valuable skills can be achieved in this workshop to aid the service users in being more independent in the kitchen whilst remaining healthy and ultimately safe
Monday to Friday 
Help prepare your lunch and then enjoy eating the food you have prepared we friends. 12-2pm 
Cost £16 including all ingredients 

 Gardening Project  

Willow Park has its very own gardening project ensuring that the Centre is looking fresh as a daisy! The service users are encouraged to help plant seeds, maintain the plants and position them around the Centre to make a lovely environment for everybody to enjoy. We grow our own vegetables that are used in our cookery classes. 

 Interactive Computers & Gaming 

Our new and improved computer suite is packed full with up to date gadgets allowing all levels of abilities the opportunity to use ICT equipment. We have an Eye Gaze Computer allowing users to navigate the internet and programmes with their eyes only. There is also a new gaming section with the latest software. Our four large touch screen computers are fully accessible for wheelchair users with a range of interactive tools. 

 Health, Fitness & Well-Being 

This workshop emphasis’s the importance of being fit and healthy by teaching the service user how this can be achieved in a fun and energetic way. 
Fitness plans can be created to maintain 
and achieve overall body fitness in this enjoyable and rewarding workshop. 
Ultimately the workshops aim is enhance service users knowledge of health, wellbeing and personal care. 
GYM MEMEBERSHIP is now available at the Centre for £10 per month please contact reception for more information 
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