Workshops at Willow Park 

Here at Willow Park our wide variety of workshops promote learning through enjoyment. They provide a basis for communication for those with sensory impairments and can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs. All workshops encourage creativity , self expression and open up a new world to the individual which they may never have encountered before in everyday life. 

 Art, Crafts & Pottery 

Express creativity by looking at various craft skills. Paper, paint, glue and many more sensory and tactile materials are used to create master pieces. 
Pottery is tactile and a accessible material which makes a wonderful medium for people of all abilities to work with. It is extremely therapeutic, calming and rewarding. There are many options including working with clay, modelling, potters wheels and pottery painting. 
Workshops 10am-4pm only £60 
Transport £5 return from Clacton 
£10 return from Colchester 

 Performing Arts 

Music is a wonderful form of non-verbal expression and can be used to enhance mood in lots of different ways. Music can help increase motivation, and encourage and stimulate physical movement and co-ordination. 
Participating in drama is often of great benefit t to adults with learning disabilities; drama encourages development of self-expression, imagination and helps to build confidence and assertive skills. 
There is no other activity that requires you to interact with others in such an expressive way and this improves communication and the ability to work as part of a TEAM 
With our expansive theatre space with lighting and stage area we are able to produce productions four time a year and preform in front of a large audience.  

 Healthy Living & Cookery 

This workshop is to help rise awareness on healthy eating and creating a cost effective meal. 
You can expect to develop an awareness of how to prepare, cook and present food whilst learning valuable skills and increase your independence in the kitchen. 
We will help you gain an understanding of raw and cooked foods, when they can and cannot be eaten, food safety and hygiene awareness. You can work towards gaining a food hygiene certificate which can help you towards work in the catering industry. 
Wednesday & Friday 
Help prepare your lunch and then enjoy eating the food you have prepared we friends. 
Cost £16 including all ingredients 

 Gardening Project and Shop 

We have a new gardening project working a long side Weeley in Bloom to produce practical and meaningful gardens around our community. There will be varied project around the Weeley area and also around Willow Park which service users can help create. 
Planting, creating and producing sensory gardens and vegetable and herb gardens in and around the grounds of Willow Park. We hope to grow enough plants to open a shop that the Service users can run to sell the plants and herbs. 
You we learn how to use different gardening technique's and tools in a safe and healthy way and look at all aspect of health and safety in the garden. 

 Interactive Computers 

Our computer suite has an array of equipment, our large touch screen computers and our computers for individual use. We have the new Eye Gaze that can be operated by the eyes only. 
We will adapt according to the abilities of the individual. It can include exploring everyday living skills. Learn to Email and use social media as well as online ordering.  
The Snow flake System which helps with motor skills and movement. 

 Health, Fitness & Well-Being 

Come and join us in our Health and Fitness workshop where you can have fun whilst exercising and improve your overall physical ability. Create your own fitness plan that suits your interests and learn about how our bodies work and how we can help them 
stay healthy. 
This is a fun and rewarding workshop. 
Enhance your knowledge of health, well-being and personal care in our relaxing and calming workshop. 
You can choose from a variety of health and beauty treatments which are suitable for both men and women. We offer hand massages, foot spas, facials, or treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. We also promote good physical and mental health through learning about healthy life choices and social and emotional well-being. 
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