Sensory Rooms at Willow Park 

 Sensory Rooms 

The sensory environments can assist with mood enhancement, behaviour management and emotional well-being. You can use them for intensive interaction, sensory integration, cause and effect, exploring choice, improving hand/eye coordination and developing language skills. 
There is a choice of sensory environments to specifically meet your requirements.  
Clients using the sensory rooms will need to come supported as Willow Park does not provide staffing in these rooms. 


Enter an underwater playground in this sensory environment with multiple mult-coloured bubble tubes and ever changing lighting states. 
There are sea creatures diving from the ceiling and on the walls and a full size diving suit. 
A calming and tranquil space to relax in and fire the imagination. 


Space the final frontier! Now you can boldly go wherever you want to in this fantastic sensory experience. 
Imagine yourself in your very own spaceship travelling through space with realistic interior and lighting. 
With a full size NASA Space suit and inter-galactic slideshow you will feel like a real astronaut speeding through the atmosphere at the speed of light. 

 Sports & Energy 

Our relaxing and simulating room is full of sounds, tactile objects, phasing lights and soft fibre optics. 
There is a ball pit and hoists available . 
£10.00 PER HOUR 


Enjoy the sights and sounds of the mysterious jungle in this sensory room. 
Spot all the jungle creatures around the room. Spot the tiger lurking in the trees. and the snake slivering across the wall. 
With two ball pools and interactive sensory equipment this is an environment to have great fun in. 

 Soft Play 

There’s nothing quite as appealing as a soft play area. Pillows, cushions, bolsters, wedges and tunnels can create an environment while fostering a sense of wonder that will encourage exploration, creativity, motor planning and gross motor skills. 
With soft furniture, comes security and comfort. Feeling at ease with your environment and your surroundings can create a more secure view of the world around. With softness also comes safety and security that can lead to movement and development. 
“Wow, this room is amazing” 
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